"The Atomic Time Clock" • Medium: 400 Individual Pieces Of Hand Cut Paper • Dimensions: 36 x 24in • 2007

This was made at a time period when all I could think about was when the world was going to end. The brain being our world and thought machine in the center surrounded by changing worlds and time moving constantly around them both. The atomic symbols in both blue and red can represent a couple of things. Fire and ice to opposite elements. Republican or Democratic colors. Good or Evil. This could be viewed as atomic energy being used for good or evil. Then around the brain and the Atomic atom is the color purple which is the color you get when blue and red are mixed. Purple to me is a neutral color meaning peace. So the hands to some are putting the atom back together that was split to create atomic energy, creating peace in the mind that there will be no more atomic anxiety. But to others they see the hands drawing apart the atom splitting it and creating atomic energy.