"Reach Out To Reality" • Medium: Cut Paper • Dimensions: 17 x 9 1/2in • 2005

Never in the history of man have we ever been able to watch ourselves 24/7 rewind, fast forward our actions. Is this helping the human condition? What is it doing to our sense of time, our sense of self and more importantly our sense of what the real world is? We must realize that the T.V. is a world within our world and only exists because the real world exists. But this fake world is becoming more real and more important to us then the real world we are living in. We need to unplug our minds and our attitudes and view the changes around us. Our children will grow up with TV’s and computers and cell phones as if it was just as important for them to learn how to walk or breathe. What about nature and trees and animals? How many of our children will grow up learning and feeling and loving them. We as human beings, I believe as conscious creatures of what we do effects what happens around us, so wake up unplug, do something for human’s sakes. If I video tapped you watching T.V. for an hour and you watch what you did for that hour as a human being then you added up all those hours in your life time, “think” of all the things that could be done think of the possibilities. Hopefully you still can humans. Wake up, wake up.