"A World View " • Medium: 2,000 Individual Pieces Of Hand Cut Paper • Dimensions: 40 x 60in • 2006

This was my view of the world being trapped inside a TV and seeing what was going on in the world from the inside out. A building resembling a politician's hand, stands bleakly with a single button determining the nuclear fate of the world. Below that a column of peace with a world in much need of healing resting on it. Science and nature playfully co-exist integrated throughout. The clock tower, that always stands tall and ominously as testament to the fleeting nature of all humankind while mechanically grown trees floating above show my view of the future. Effused with humor bubbling with excitement from the crass to the benign “A World View” is a joy to ponder with a message that is serious while at the same time approachable. None of the work was planned out before hand and everything was done with a scissor, a glue stick, and a black sharpie. It took 4 months to complete with lots of hard work and patience.