"The Businessman" • Medium: 37 Individual Pieces Of Hand Cut Paper • Dimensions: 11 x 6in • 2006

First piece sold for 5 dollars which I immediately cut up and made into art. It is a reflection on how we view the world through a television's lenses. The brain on top of the TV head is clinging to the television for that is its world, that is the way it perceives the world. And as it looks at the real world it clings to the TV even harder because the real world is nothing like the T.V. world. Ask your self how you would view the world if the television weren’t around. We condition our brains by this things we see on the tv and the computer which over time creates out worldly thought and view, and when we encounter the real world we are so used to a conditioned why of viewing things through a box that clinge to our old way of seeing the world through a certain lens.