"The Senses" • Medium: 1,000 Individual Pieces Of Hand Cut Paper • Dimensions: 24 x 36in • 2007

Your Senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Each sense has a brain attached to it and has its own section within the piece. Within the seeing portion I touch on the door of perception, mirrors, T.V. and I throw a Sistine Chapel reference in as well. Below the brain is a heart being the center of it all, beating. In the hearing section I actually recreated my guitar. The touch section shows how we can touch the world. The taste section includes lots of color to portray the different taste sensations you could have. Though don’t lick the picture please nothing tastes like snaze berries. The smells emitted from the objects were created to try to visually create what I thought they would look like such as the rose is a short and perky smell and poo is a heavy thick smell. Also you can notice the smell of the onion permeating the smeller’s eyes. In the center is a mushroom which can heighten or distort any or all of your senses.